When you first think of why cars are being towed, and you likely assume that it is very inconveniencing the car owner, and not the actual driver himself. Well, let us think about it for a moment. If a car is parked in a store’s parking space without the intention of walking in, you can then assume that it is inconveniencing potential consumers from using the space you are occupying. As a matter of fact, it is just safe to assume that the owner of the car has the right to get it pulled however, what if you are that one person being inconvenienced?

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What will happen if there is somebody parallel parked on your way, stopping you from going to your work on time? Or if a vehicle has been in your home’s parking space for already 10 days? Would you only leave a note or ask them nicely? Or would you warn them to not ever do it again? There are a lot of other examples when it is not only necessary to contact and ask for assistance to a professional towing company, rather it is sometimes within your call to do what is right.

When to Call a Professional and Experienced Towing Service Provider?

On Public Property

1. When the car is constituting a road hazard such as blocking an intersection or lane, or stopping the traffic flow in any kind of way, the car should be towed as soon as possible.

2. When the car is parked in a controlled or publicly owned parking space, it can actually be towed – this applies to almost all parking lots, facilities, parks, when the car driver leaves the vehicle and goes somewhere else other than where the parking lot is installed for. In this circumstance, only a public official or a law enforcement officer has the authority to order the car to be towed and impounded.

3. When the car is left parking in the public right-of-way, the person should call an official of that particular place for it to be towed.

On Private Property

Non-Residential, Private Property

Only when there’s a clear sign posted can it be removed. There are a lot of requirements a sign should meet before being official and clear. In addition to that, the sign should also be near the parking lot’s entrance in a visible and clear area. However, you will still need to give signed authorization to the driver of the tow truck if someone violates the rules.

Residential Property

Of course, a car can be towed. If someone has blocked your driveway and your car cannot pass through, you have then the right to call a professional towing service provider and have it towed as soon as possible.

Reasons Why You Should Contact a Professional and Experienced Towing Service Provider

  • Accidents
  • Ran out of gas
  • Overheating
  • Locked out
  • Car will not start

If these 5 problems happen to you, do not hesitate to call a professional and highly reputable towing service provider. Find more professional towing companies on this website.