All drivers must know that drinking alcoholic beverages when driving is very dangerous and against the law. The following are some of the things that you should not do to make sure that you drive safely:

Drive Safely

1. Do Not Text While Driving

This has been emphasized by a lot of people, news and social media that one would even think it may be quite obvious however, that is not the case. As a matter of fact, this year, 2019, a research study showed that more or less twenty-five percent of all vehicular accidents are caused by texting and driving.

However, if that alone does not give you pause or fear, you should consider this comparison: drunk drivers are six times less likely to get in a vehicular accident than drivers who are texting while driving. If your cell phone has a function which disables texting when a car is moving, engage it in order to avoid being tempted. Or else, you need to leave your phone out of your reach with the volume of the ringer off while you are inside the car driving.

2. Do Not Drive While Smoking Marijuana

The recreational marijuana has been legalized in 11 states today, and users may be tempted to get a ride while puffing inside the car. This is obviously very illegal and this counts as DUI or driving under the influence, where you could get jailed. In addition to that, cannabis is a mind-changing substance and you will be putting yourself, people inside your car and other road users at high risk if you drive under the influence of marijuana.

3. Do Not Change Clothes While You are Behind the Wheels

While this one may sound comical, it occurs more often than you would think. Even the just the act of pulling your shirt off or taking it on is too distracting when you are trying to safely run your car. However, if you just need to make an adjustment on your get up, pull over to a safe roadside and that is the time that you make certain adjustments or change clothes, etc. Your focus must be on the road as well as the conditions around you, not on your shoes nor your phone. The more distracted you will be, the higher the risk of you getting an accident and also to others.

4. Do Not Drive Drowsy

Most drivers are guilty with this in one certain time or another however, it is like as dangerous as texting or under the influence while on the highways. One of the worst accidents in the history involved the driver of a bus falling asleep and collide to a not-so fast vehicle. Even if you do not fall asleep while driving, your cognitive functions and reflexes slow down or worst, diminished when you are drowsy or tired. The best thing that you could do in this kind of situation is to pull over to a safe place and have some rest before moving on. Click here for more safe driving tips.